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Hi tech computer solutions

The hi tech fields of electronic research and development as well as all aspects of computer support and maintenance form the foundation of our business. Our hi tech knowledge is extensive and we are able to advise you on a wide range of technical subjects and issues.

We offer expert advice and support on new computer and software purchases, anti-virus protection, existing computer upgrades, backups and regular, general maintenance of your computers.

Whether you wish to purchase a brand new computer or you want to upgrade an existing PC, we will be able to assist you; we supply many leading brands including, Samsung, Acer, Dell, Microsoft, Canon, Lenovo, Adobe, Seagate and Western Digital, to name but a few. We can also supply a wide range of computer peripherals, consumables and software.

Hi tech electronic solutions

From circuit board design and prototype testing through to industrialisation for mass production, we offer a complete and fully-customised hi tech solution for you. We build and test a prototype and produce small quantities of the product ourselves, prior to high-volume production. We work with leading PCB manufacturers, which manufacture quality circuit boards and thereafter, reliable assembly houses produce high volume runs on our behalf.

Our electronic design service includes Assembler and C Programming of micro-controllers embedded in our products.

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